Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation


Cardiac Screening & AED Placement

A Heart for Sport!
This group partners with hospitals across the country to hold free cardiac screenings for young people of ages 13-22.

AED Grant Programs & Discount Information
A listing of available grant and discount programs for obtaining an AED for company, institution or individual use.

Anthony Bates Foundation
Handles cardiac screening across the country and provides training materials and consulting services on how to hold a heart screening.

CHAD Foundation
This non-profit seeks to raise awareness and prevent Sudden Cardiac Arrest by sponsoring heart screenings for young athletes and police officers around the country.

Championship Hearts Foundation
A non-profit that holds heart screenings for youth ages 15-18 in Texas.

Greg W. Moyer Defibrillator Fund
Educates the public on Sudden Cardiac Death, supports legislation on placement of AEDs, helps schools and other public places obtain defibrillators and facilitates training on AEDs.

Provides online CPR training (child and adult classes) for parents, grandparents, babysitters or other caregivers. Registered CCF members are eligible for free classes.

Kids Endangered Now Foundation
Raises awareness about Sudden Cardiac Arrest, seeks to make heart screenings more affordable and promotes public AED placement.

Nick of Time Foundation
Provides support and education for school districts, colleges and communities in the placement, use, training and maintenance of AEDs and provides free onsite youth cardiovascular screenings.

Ohio University Resources: AED and School Athletics
This infographic provides important statistics on cardiac events in young people and young athlete AED survival rates, as well as a listing of state-by-state automatic external defibrillator (AED) regulations.

Parent Heart Watch
Educates parents and others about Sudden Cardiac Arrest, participates in advocacy, and establishes research initiatives related to SCA. Website includes a step by step guide to getting AED’s placed in schools and public places.

Project ADAM
Provides the information that schools need to plan, fund and develop an AED program, including a comprehensive planning manual and access to professionals at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

Saving Young Heart!
Focused on Sudden Cardiac Arrest education and awareness, this non-profit holds heart screenings for school aged children to encourage early detection.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest Foundation: Cardiac Emergency Response Plan for Schools
Provides a brief overview and downloadable resources for schools to create their own emergency response plan.

Team of Physicians for Students
Holds sports screenings for youth in Pheonix, AZ and also offers an online handbook about holding a screening event.

Treating a Quiet Killer Video
Washington University Hospital in St. Louis video covers an affected and a non-affected HCM heart and explains prevalence and risk of death to young athletes.

Youth Heart Watch
Initiated through the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, the goal is to prevent sudden cardiac arrest deaths through AED placement in schools and other public places.