Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation



American College of Cardiology – Adult Congenital and Pediatric Cardiology Section
Pediatric section of the ACC focused on quality cardiovascular care through the promotion of education, advocacy and quality.

American Heart Association – Council on Cardiovascular Disease in the Young
Pediatric section of the AHA focused on improving the health of children and adults with congenital heart disease and cardiovascular disease acquired during childhood through research, education, prevention and advocacy.

Medline Plus Health Information
Consumer version of PubMed provided by the National Library of Medicine and the National Institute of Health. Provides information and resources on health topics, drugs, medical terms, and doctors/hospitals.

E Medicine
Largest and most current clinical knowledge base with physician written and editted articles on cardiomyopathy. Also offers a consumer health site with physician reviewed articles.

National Institute of Health - Office of Rare Diseases
Information on rare diseases, including current research, publications from scientific and medical journals, completed research, ongoing studies, and patient support groups.

Medical information and education tool for specialists, primary care physicians, and other health professionals.
Affiliated with Medscape and targeted to cardiologists and healthcare professionals, the site provides information on caring for people with heart conditions, and preventing such disorders.

Directory of selected medical sites on the internet that have been evaluated by physicians.

American Academy of Family Physicians
National medical association that provides terminology and article searches.

Health Finder
U.S. Department of Health and Human Services' directory of noncommercial medical sites, government agencies, non-profit and university organizations. Also can search for general information on all medical conditions.

Health on the Net Foundation - MedHunt
Various medical documents available through search function.

Digital library providing general information on common pediatric health problems, internet directories and professional medical societies.

National Center for Biotechnology Information
National resource for molecular biology information for researchers, educators and the public.

Heart Surgery Forum
Cardiothoracic multimedia journal geared towards medical professionals.

Heart Failure Society of America
Primarily for medical professionals, this society promotes scientific research into heart failure.