Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation


The slideshow was created by CCF family member, Misty McGatha, in 2008 to introduce some of the families and children whose lives have been affected by cardiomyopathy. The slideshow can be used for local fundraising events or for school or community presentations to build awareness of cardiomyopathy and CCF. Please contact us for additional printed materials that can be distributed at your event.

You may also download the slideshow to your desktop to play on your computer by 'right' clicking ('option click for Mac') on the link below. Once downloaded to your desktop, you may burn a DVD if you have the appropriate DVD burning software.

Download Family Slideshow (23mb)

CCF Testimonials

We hope that you enjoy meeting some of our CCF families through the slideshow. Their stories and photos give a human face to a heart disease that few are familiar with. CCF feels fortunate to be able to assist so many families affected by cardiomyopathy.

"I think your website is a superior site and an excellent resource for people who have been impacted by this disease."
- Jane, Pediatric Nurse

"The cardiologist gave us a pamphlet from the Foundation and told us that this website was where to go for any info I needed on the disease."
- Linda, Mother to 9 year old with HCM

"Living with a child that has this disease is not easy... Only other families in a similar situation can fully understand what it is like. That is why CCF is such a help - it's just reassuring to know that you are not alone on this journey with your children and family."
- Alison, mother to 2 year old with DCM

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing this valuable information with me. Like I told one mom, first you go through the grieving, then you accept it and begin your journey to take care of your child the best you can."
- Leslie, mother to 1 year old with RCM

"I feel lucky to have found CCF as it has helped put all the information we have received so far into comprehensive understanding..."
- Susan, mother to 4 month old with DCM

"I am so glad to have found CCF and answers to my many questions. CCF has in this short time become a life-line for me to locate physician names for a second opinion and most of all receive kind and caring notes."
- Grandmother to 8 year old with DCM

"Each time I read something, whether it's a positive experience, a difficult experience, support, advice, a question, anything - I feel more grounded, more aware, and just a bit more able to deal with everything one day at a time."
- Patti, mother to 11 year old with DCM