Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation



The vision of the Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation (CCF) is to create a future of hope in which pediatric cardiomyopathy can be detected earlier and any affected child can be cured to live a full and active life.

Our mission is to accelerate the search for a cure by stimulating and supporting promising research on pediatric cardiomyopathy, by educating and assisting physicians and patients on the complexities of the disease, and by increasing awareness and advocacy on behalf of affected children and their families.

Our mission is accomplished through:

  1. Research: Encourage and guide laboratory and clinical research aimed at improving survival rates and finding a cause and a cure for pediatric cardiomyopathy.
  2. Education: Serve as an international source for disseminating information on the early detection, comprehensive diagnosis, and effective treatment of pediatric cardiomyopathy.
  3. Advocacy & Awareness: Generate widespread awareness of the disease among government, medical, and lay communities to promote increased focus and funding on research.
  4. Support: Provide informational and emotional support to foster a cohesive and caring community of pediatric cardiomyopathy families.