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CCF 2010 Spring Appeal
A Big Brother's Hope

May 2010

Dear CCF Friends & Supporter,

Hi, my name is Tucker Davis, and I am 17 years old from Clinton, Oklahoma. When I was nine years old, my parents came home, visibly upset, after my brother Nathan’s doctor appointment. It was the first time I heard the words "dilated cardiomyopathy,"which was what my youngest brother had been diagnosed with. What hit me most at the time was that Nathan, who was three at the time, could no longer play sports.

At Nathan’s last t-ball game, it was hard to accept that he would never get to play on the field with his teammates again. Nathan continues attending my baseball games, but he is unwilling to watch his friends play. They have offered to make him an honorary team member or equipment manager, but he refuses because it is too hard for him to sit on the sidelines. As I got older and learned more about cardiomyopathy, I realized that not playing sports was the least of Nathan’s problems.

Nathan takes five heart medications every day, and he often tires easily. In the above photo, taken when we were at Disney World, I am carrying an exhausted Nathan on my back through the park. Needless to say, I worry about Nathan all the time. I ask myself, "Will he grow up and get to experience all that life has to offer? Will kids make fun of him because he is different?"

This year I had to answer a difficult question on my college application: ”How would I like to be remembered in the future?” I thought about how Nathan’s cardiomyopathy has influenced me to major in bio-engineering. I hope to someday be able to develop an accurate, portable and inexpensive cardiac screening tool for student athletes. Because cardiomyopathy is the main reason for sudden cardiac death, this device could help save lives through early detection. If I can accomplish this, maybe I will be the kind of big brother Nathan is proud to have.

It would be a honor to follow in the footsteps of the talented researchers that the Children’s Cardiomyopathy Foundation is supporting. My mom, like I am, is grateful there is a foundation focused on finding better treatments that could improve Nathan’s life. With your support today, CCF will be able to continue funding promising studies that will give my brother, and many other children who live with cardiomyopathy, a brighter future.


Tucker David
CCF Family Member

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