The vision of the Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation (CCF) is to create a future of hope in which cardiomyopathy is detected earlier, more lives are saved, and all children with the disease can live full and active lives.

CCF's mission is to accelerate the search for causes and cures for pediatric cardiomyopathy through increased research, education, awareness, advocacy, and support to affected children and their families.


Advocate for and fund research initiatives into the causes, diagnosis and treatment of pediatric cardiomyopathy.


Offer reliable and easy-to-understand information to families, and educate medical professionals about the latest advances in the evaluation and medical management of pediatric cardiomyopathy.

Advocacy and Awareness

Generate recognition and understanding of pediatric cardiomyopathy among the general public, legislators and the medical community.


Provide educational resources and support services to those affected while fostering a caring community of cardiomyopathy families.