Join CCF's 50-State Awareness Challenge

Put Pediatric Cardiomyopathy on the Map
During National Heart Month

Last year's awareness challenge was such a success that we are doing it again this February! During National Heart Month, let's remind others that heart disease affects children, too -- often with worse outcomes. Join CCF in this month-long challenge to put the focus on pediatric cardiomyopathy. Participate in one or all three of these fun initiatives and receive a heart on your state for your awareness efforts.

Bake a Difference

Hold a "Big Heart" CCF bake sale at a school, sporting, social, work or community event. Call us to register your event, and we'll send you a FREE bake sale kit with red balloons, stickers, posters and handouts to give your event some CCF heart! To start planning, go to CCF's Big Heart Bake Sale page for tips and CCF's Pinterest page for delicious recipes and fabulous decorative ideas. You can also create an online bake sale page on GoFundMe so friends and family who can’t attend your event can still support your efforts and make a donation.

Send a Valentine

Send adorable CCF valentines to friends, colleagues and your child's classmates. Download CCF's printable valentine cards and give them out with a sweet treat or use them for any heart month event. You can tie it on red balloons for decoration, hand out at an event or sell with goodies as part of a CCF fundraiser!

Share the Facts

Share facts about pediatric cardiomyopathy with everyone you know. New facts will be posted every few days throughout February on CCF's Facebook and Twitter pages. We also will continue featuring our Heart Kids on Facebook. Help us to educate others that behind the beautiful smile of a child with cardiomyopathy, there is a chronic heart condition that has no cure.