Steve Lipshultz, MD

Baseline Predictors of Outcome in Children with Cardiomyopathy
University of Rochester, Rochester, NY
Steve Lipshultz, MD – $30,000

The Pediatric Cardiomyopathy Registry was established to describe the epidemiologic features and clinical course of selected cardiomyopathies in patients aged 18 years or younger and to promote the development of etiology-specific treatments. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute funded registry consists of prospective, population-based cohort of patients from 100 medical centers in North America. The goal of this multi-part study is to help define what factors may be most useful in determining the course of the disease in children presenting with cardiomyopathy. Analysis of national clinical factors will allow providers the ability to predict which children will remain stable, improve or have resolution of their cardiomyopathy over time. Another endeavor will utilize the pediatric cardiomyopathy registry database to determine the role of family history at diagnosis and during medical management to predict outcomes in mortality, late abnormalities of ventricular structure and function, congestive heart failure, listing of cardiac transplantation, and/or success of receiving a cardiac transplantation.