Cardiomyopathy Centers of Care

How is the information from each hospital gathered and reported?

All of the data and information shared in the directory is self-reported by participating centers.

Is the information on the forms current?

CCF works with each hospital to update their forms every two years to ensure that we are capturing changes and updates to the center’s offerings. Forms are updated in the summer of the center’s renewal year.

Are these centers endorsed by CCF?

CCF does not endorse any provider or center in particular and is providing this information as a resource for families to make their own decisions about their child’s cardiac care team. Recognition as a Cardiomyopathy Center of Care is determined by meeting certain standards of care outlined by CCF’s medical advisors.

What if my child’s center is not listed in the Children’s Cardiomyopathy Center of Care directory?

CCF works to develop partnerships with medical centers offering pediatric cardiomyopathy programs and ensure that eligible centers are included in the directory. While we do our best to offer a comprehensive list of high-quality centers, participation is voluntary and therefore CCF cannot guarantee that the directory is all-inclusive of all eligible specialty centers.

I cannot find a specialist near my home. Can I see a local doctor?

Many families coordinate their child’s care between a local pediatric cardiologist and a cardiomyopathy center of care. Families that do not live near a CCF center of care may decide, with guidance from their medical team, to travel to a specialty center once or twice per year. In between visits, the child’s local cardiologist may work closely with a center of care for consultation and care coordination.

How can medical centers be evaluated and included in the Children’s Cardiomyopathy Center of Care program?

Medical professionals or hospitals interested in applying for inclusion in the Children’s Cardiomyopathy Foundation Center of Care directory, should review CCF’s center requirements and application instructions on the Centers of Care page under the Physician Resources tab.