Family Assistance Program

Is there a limit to the amount of assistance a family can receive?

There is a $2,000 maximum award granted for medical and non-medical expenses related to a child's treatment for cardiomyopathy. The Children's Cardiomyopathy Foundation (CCF) reserves the right to distribute funds at its sole discretion. The amount awarded varies according to a family's situation and depends on the availability of program funds.

Does the program provide assistance to international families affected by pediatric cardiomyopathy?

At this time, the program is only open to citizens of the United States or a U.S. Territory. CCF can provide a list of other organizations that may be able to provide financial assistance to international families.

Can I apply for assistance if I have pending applications with other organizations or am already receiving aid from another funding source?

Families can still apply, but other pending or approved funding sources must be listed on CCF's application. CCF can provide financial assistance as long as the amount requested is not being covered by another organization. If there is a pending application with another organization, CCF will verify whether expenses are being covered by another funding source before a CCF payment is made.

I have received an award in the past. Am I eligible to apply again?

Families who have received an award for their child in the past are able to reapply 12 months after receiving their award as long as they still meet the program's eligibility criteria. Families with more than one child affected by cardiomyopathy can submit an application for each child, once every 12 months. Funding preference is given to families who have never received a Family Assistance Program award. A child cannot receive more than three awards in total.

Can I apply if I meet the income criteria but have not filed a U.S. income tax return?

CCF is unable to award funding to a parent/legal guardian who does not file a U.S. income tax return listing the child as a dependent.

My current income meets the financial eligibility requirements, but our financial hardship did not occur until this year and is therefore not reflected in my previous year's tax return. Can I still apply?

If a family's tax filing does not reflect the hardship that the family has experienced from a child's treatment in the current year, an affidavit of income can be included with the application. Please contact the Manager of Family Support to request an affidavit of income to be completed by the hospital social worker in collaboration with the applicant. Pay stubs must be included with the affidavit along with last year's tax forms.

Does my child need to be hospitalized to be eligible for the program?

A child does not need to be hospitalized at the time of application.

My child has received a heart transplant. Is my family still eligible?

Expenses incurred prior to the transplant and expenses associated with follow-up care for three months post-transplant are eligible. For treatment expenses past three months post transplant, CCF can provide a listing of other organizations that may be able to provide financial assistance.

Can I get advance payment for my travel and lodging related to my child's evaluation and/or treatment?

Unfortunately, CCF is unable to provide funding in advance of incurred costs for displacement expenses. Families should apply to the program for reimbursement of expenses once receipts are obtained. Receipts for reimbursement requests must be within 6 months of the application date to be considered.

I did not save all my receipts for my displacement expenses. Can I send you my credit card statement in place of receipts for food, gas, and lodging?

Unfortunately, credit card statements do not provide enough details to process an application. Therefore, all receipts should be included with the application.

Can I submit a recent medical summary in place of a letter written by a medical or healthcare professional?

Families are welcome to include their child's medical summary sheet, but it cannot serve as a substitute for the letter from a medical or healthcare professional. Upon receipt of an application, CCF verifies the letter with the authoring medical or healthcare professional.

How are approved awards issued?

Once an award decision is made, the family will be notified of what items will be covered. Bills will be paid directly to vendors within two weeks of award approval. In the case of displacement expenses already being paid, families will receive a reimbursement check if valid receipts are submitted.