Policy makers will have a better understanding of cardiomyopathy when affected individuals share their experience of living with the disease. Whether you call, write, or meet with a congressional member, you are taking an important first step to starting a conversation about pediatric cardiomyopathy. CCF has the resources and tools to help you connect with your legislator.

Legislative Process

Effective advocacy begins with an understanding of how the system works. CCF’s Health Policy Tool Kit and Advocacy Glossary and Terms sheet provides helpful information on the legislative process.

Finding Your Legislator

Members of Congress are most responsive to people from their own state and district. To determine who represents you in Congress, refer to the below sites.

Communicating with Legislators

The focus of your communication should be on your personal experience with cardiomyopathy. These documents will assist you in communicating with your legislator.

For information on past cardiomyopathy legislation, including the Cardiomyopathy HEARTS Act and SAFE PLAY Act, please visit the Cardiomyopathy Legislation page.